Clip-On Loupe
Optional Head band assembly

Clip-On Loupe

RM 25S-C
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Clip-On Loupe

Clip-On Loupes do not include a frame. This loupe has a universal clip attached to it so you can clip it on to your own personal frame or glasses or affix to an optional Head-Band Assembly.

Please see our working distance guide to determine your working distance.  For additional assistance on measuring your working distance please see the instructional video located on the instructional video tab

Loupes include: Loupe, Case, Headstrap, Front Lens Caps, Screwdriver, Flip Grip, Setting Target and Instruction Booklet.

WORKING DISTANCE   This is the measurement from the bridge of your nose to where your hands will be working while you are in a comfortable working position.  

ITEM# Mag. Working Distance (Size) Depth of Field Weight
RM 25S-C 2.5x    11in (280mm) Short 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
RM 25R-C 2.5x 13.8in (350mm) Regular 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
RM 25M-C 2.5x 16.5in (420mm) Medium 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
RM25L-C 2.5x 19in (480mm) Long 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
RM25XL-C 2.5x 22in (559mm) X-Long 3-5in (76-127mm) 2.2oz
RM35SS-C 3.5x 11in (280mm) Super Short 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
RM35S-C 3.5x 13.8in (350mm) Short 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
RM 35R-C 3.5x 16.53in (420mm) Regular 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz
RM35L-C 3.5x 19.68in (500mm) Long 3-4in (76-101mm) 2.1oz