Moisture Chamber Eye Patch - Small, Set of 2

Moisture Chamber Eye Patch - Small, Set of 2

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Double Set Moisture Chamber Eye Patch


Foam-Edged Clear Moisture Chamber with clear lens permits post surgical observation of the condition of the eye. Also permits the wearer to see through the patch which makes this item appropriate for Bells palsy patients and for use as a moisture chamber. For Bells palsy patients, this patch prevents air flow on the eye. Uses non-latex foam, fits over either eye with wide elastic band ensuring a secure fit.

Moisture Chamber Features:

  • Latex free cushioned foam edges
  • Protects against breeze for Bells Palsy sufferers
  • Comfortable wide elastic band
  • Strong plastic lens resists scratching when cleaned
  • Fits snugly to prevent air flow into chamber
  • Reclosable storage case

Available in two sizes; Large chambers are 2 13/16" x 1 15/16" (72mm x 50mm) and Small chambers are 2 3/8" x 1 11/16" (6 cm x 4.5cm). Moisture chambers come 2 to a pack.

Moisture Chambers are Non-sterile and not to be used on broken skin.