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LEA Core Tests Starter Toolkit For Assessment & Screening


Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, has created numerous vision assessment and screening products since designing her LEA Symbols (apple, house, circle, square) in 1976. Over time, individualized eye chart variations using LEA Symbols were created for various vision screening programs. Dr. Hyvärinen has a list of core products that she designed or prefers to use in her work. Not sure which assessment or screening test you want from Dr. Hyvärinen’s core products? You now have the opportunity to purchase 15 of the 48 core products Dr. Hyvärinen designed or uses in her practice in 1 convenient starter toolkit. You can use the 15 items in the LEA Core Tests Starter Toolkit for Assessment & Screening to screen or test the following:

  • Visual acuity
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Cognitive vision

The LEA Core Tests Starter Toolkit for Assessment & Screening contains the following items including Dr. Hyvärinen’s CD: WHAT and HOW Does This Child See?

Note: Not all products are shown in the photo

This starter toolkit includes the following:

251600 - 
LEA Symbols 3-D Puzzle Set

252500 - 
LEA Symbols Playing Cards

252000 - 
LEA Symbols Near Vision Screener

259900 - 
LEA Symbols Distance Vision Screener

250150 - 
LEA Symbols 15-Line Distance Chart

250600 - 
LEA Symbols Single Symbol Book

250800 - 
LEA Symbols Near Vision Card

271100 - 
LEA Numbers 15-Line Distance Chart

251100 - 
LEA Symbols Low Contrast Test, 10M

253500 - 
Hiding Heidi Low Contrast Face Test

254600 - 
LEA Rectangles Game

254700 - 
LEA Mailbox Game

270900 - 
LEA Numbers Near Vision Card

792000 - 
What & How Does This Child See? Instructional CD

790000 - 
"Leo Learns by Doing" DVD