Eye Check 20/32 Screener Kit

Eye Check 20/32 Screener Kit

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EyE Check 20/32 Screener


Flipbook used at 5-foot (1.5 meters) screening distance with single, surrounded LEA SYMBOLS® meets preferred practice recommendations from the National Expert Panel to the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent Blindness.

Designed for use by lay screeners, nurses, and others who screen children in educational, community, public health, or primary health care settings.

Each card contains a single LEA SYMBOLS® optotype surrounded with 50%-spaced crowding bars. Attached measuring cord ensures 5-foot (1.5 meters) screening distance between the flipbook cards and child’s eyes.

This EyE Check Screener is also available as a set.

#252107 - 20/32 critical line screening for children ages 5 years and older. The flipbook begins with four 20/80 cards to familiarize child with screening task and continues with eight 20/32 cards for screening each eye monocularly.

#252113 - Package with both flip book kits to screen children ages 3, 4, and 5 years.

Each EyE Check Screener kit includes:

  • EyE Check Screener flipbook
  • Fun Frames frosted occluders: Fun Frames may vary Note: When purchasing a set of 2 or more booklets, only 1 set of occluder frames is included.
  • 20 Adhesive Eye Patches (NEP-recommended first choice for occluding)
  • Instructions
  • Recording form
  • Lap card for matching
  • 4 individual cards for matching

13 offset pages for easy flipping. 6.25” x 6.5” (15.9 cm x 16.1 cm).