EaglePlug TearFlow PUNCTUM PLUGS

EaglePlug TearFlow PUNCTUM PLUGS

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Flow controllers (permanent) for the regulation of tear outflow

Individually sterile packaged, two per box, each pre-loaded on a disposable dilator/inserter instrument.

#3005    0.5mm O.D. x 0.2mm I.D. 

#3006    0.6mm O.D. x 0.3mm I.D.

#3007    0.7mm O.D. x 0.3mm I.D.

#3008    0.8mm O.D. x 0.3mm I.D.

#3009    0.9mm O.D. x 0.4mm I.D.

#3010    1.0 mm O.D. x 0.5mm I.D.