BASS-PL Binocular

BASS-PL Binocular

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Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series


BASS-PL (Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series) Vision Therapy System for improving patient visual performance and reading efficiency, consisting of diagnostic Fixation Disparity Targets and treatment Vectographs with saccadic identification targets at two different acuity levels.

  • 20/100 - Visual demands of larger print books
  • 20/63 - Reading demands at higher grade levels (smaller print books)

This kit contains the following

Fixation Disparity Polarized Targets (2 cross targets) (Large & Small)

  • Measures vertical & horizontal binocular function for assessment of Near Point of Fixation Disparity (NPFD) & Associated Vergence Measures at near.
  • Facilitates comparison of binocular performance when using a lower versus higher spatial frequency or acuity demand.

Randomized Fixation Disparity Polarized Targets (Large & Small)

  • Measures binocular/accommodative function during a saccadic eye movement task using a sequence of saccadic identification targets with numbers as the Central Fusion Lock to help relate binocular alignment to accommodation (clarity of the target).

Saccadic Polarized Variable Vectographs (Large & Small)

  • Mimics the Randomized Fixation Disparity Targets while allowing for the addition of Base-In and/or Base-out prism demand to provide a therapeutic approach for improving patients’ awareness of their binocular alignment and accommodative control during a saccadic eye movement task.

Includes: Protective Therapy Binder with pen, Doctor Manual & Standard Polarized Viewer