See by Three Chart Set (Sloan)

See by Three Chart Set (Sloan)

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VIC LEA SYMBOLS® & Sloan Letter Screening Chart


Since 2001, the West Virginia Vision Initiative for Children (VIC), an outreach program of the West Virginia University Eye Institute, has trained, equipped, and supported individuals who are now able to screen preschoolers for vision problems. VIC is now making this easy kit available to others involved with screening the vision of preschoolers.

Wall chart features LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letter optotypes with 50% spaced crowding box surrounding each line for screening children ages preschool through grade 12. Chart contains one practice line of 20/100 and screening line sizes of 20/50, 20/40, 20/32, and 20/25.

Preschool Vision Screening Wall Chart includes:

  • Wall chart with LEA SYMBOLS® and Sloan Letter optotypes
  • Response Panel and Flash Cards
  • Screening directions

Testing distance is 10 feet/3 meters