+3.00 Retinoscopy Parrot

+3.00 Retinoscopy Parrot

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Parrot Pediatric Retinoscopy Plus Lens


Add some fun to your retinoscopy pediatric vision tests with these colorful Parrot Fun Plus Lens frames. Used to determine refractive error and an approximation prescription for corrective lenses. Comes in a set of 2 frames with plus lens on one side and opaque occluder on the other. Frames are very colorful and extremely durable.

Available in the following lens type

  • + 1.5 Retinoscopy Lens
  • + 2.0 Retinoscopy Lens
  • + 2.5 Retinoscopy Lens
  • + 3.0 Retinoscopy Lens

Not for possession by children under 3 years old. Also available as tiger, horse and butterfly.